How to exclude Audio (Voice-Com, Music, etc.) from your Stream/Recording?


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  1. salade2fruit says:

    Hi. Thank you for this tutorial.
    I’m using an Xonar DX and i don’t know which one to pick !?
    At first time i was looking for the second method but the driver and the software of the sound card cannot (or i don’t find it) don’t have “the option of splitting my front and back audio ports to get 2 seperate playback devices in Windows” however I’ve stereomix and wave activate too.
    Any ideas ?

  2. BeringTOm says:

    I tried to follow this guide, but i proved quite hard and i gave up, can i excluded other people on teamspeak from my stream? but keep everthing else and can this be achived without any fysical cabels? thank you for the guide.

  3. Dustin says:

    I have followed your sterio mix setup but am having an issue.

    My goal is to Livestream my game while using Mumble or Teamspeak. And not have Mumble/teamspeak play over my stream.
    And still have all sounds come through my headset.

    I have my headset plugged into the green/pink ports in the front of the computer, and an old headset i dont use plugged into the green port in the back of the PC.

    Ive set all the settings in your guide, if I set the Stereo Mix “Listen to” ‘front output#2, which is the headset i use’ this puts the mumble/teamspeak back over my OBS livestream again, defeating the whole purpose of this.

    Is there a way to accomplish what im trying to do? Because all this current setup does is not allow music to play over the stream. Or only allow game sounds etc play over the stream and not over my headset.


    • Dustin says:

      is my headset mic suppose to be pluggeg into the front audio port or back?
      When plugged into the front the mic works in mumble but not in OBS.
      If i manually set OBS to use the mic instead of set to default it starts to play Mumble/teamspeak over my stream again!?

      • RobinJack0r says:

        Hmm, in your case you would make sure your back ports are the default playback device and used in OBS. Mumble has to be set to output to your front output. The stereomix will then only forward game sound from the back port to the front port so you hear it in your headset, while OBS only hears the game sound.
        The mic can be plugged in wherever you want, back or front, just make sure its both selected in Mumble and OBS.

  4. Lizardizzle says:

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    • RobinJack0r says:

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